Plastic Straight Nail Ultra-Light And Strong Anti-Corrosion

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plastic straight nails are usually made of synthetic materials such as nylon and are designed to effectively fasten and join dissimilar materials. They are an essential part of the production stages of furniture, cars, electronics and toys. One of the reasons plastic nails made of nylon are so popular is that they are lightweight and offer excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and potential hazards, making them suitable for a variety of industries.

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unit weight 7.5kg
Custom processing






model F25
sample or stock Spot Goods
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Plastic straight nails are composed of fiberglass and nylon, which are mixed together to form a strong material. These nails are often used in furniture, decoration and other fields due to their high strength and toughness. In addition, they have excellent corrosion resistance, can cut without damaging the saw blade, and will not rust, making them a highly sought-after material for a variety of applications.


Decorative Project: Looking to add some visual interest to your interior design, store display or billboard? Our Plastic Straight Nails are the perfect solution. With its customizable shapes and sizes, you can turn any space into something unique and eye-catching.

WOOD MARKERS: Simplify your wood organization and increase productivity with our supply of plastic straight nails. These nails are great for use on construction sites because they make it easy to mark and sort various types of wood without causing damage.

Woodworking and Fabrication: For precision and quality workmanship in woodworking, sheet metal working and forming, look no further than our resin straight nails. Reliable and easy to use, these nails are ideal for all walks of life.

Marine Vessels: Secure your rope and rigging with confidence with our elastic resin straight nails. These nails have excellent resistance to corrosion, water and abrasion making them ideal for use in the marine industry.

Tire Retreading: Simplify your tire production process with our resin spikes. Widely used for fixing and distinguishing tire treads, these nails are essential for effective identification and sorting management.


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