Adjustable Plastic Pedestal Versatile for A Wide Range of Applications

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The adjustable plastic base is a multifunctional support system specially developed to meet the needs of different architectural and design projects. It is very suitable for garden landscaping, mirrored water features, roof gardens, wooden decks, grid floors, interior and balcony decoration, and mobile homes. The product is easy to use, easy to install and has adjustable height settings for maximum customization and flexibility.

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Material pp
Custom processing

Base Diameter




11-106mm height adjustable range

sample or stock Spot Goods
standard part Standard Parts



Thickened threads
The manufacturer uses high-quality materials, thickened threads increase the force-bearing area, strong load-bearing and more threads, more stable to use.

Grid plane
The use of grid plane, the force is uniform, the bearing capacity is strong, and it is not easy to be damaged.


Thickening and heightening parts
Increased height adjustment, strong bearing capacity, durable use

Increase bottom support
Larger, thicker and thicker bottom support, long service life


1.The use of stone brackets greatly simplifies the process of laying marble and garden stones, elevating them to the optimum level for easy placement of pre-buried pipes and future maintenance. Stone supports also enhance the drainage of the stone surface, prevent standing water, and allow piping to be installed beneath the stone without compromising the overall landscaping design.
2. With the waterscape stone bracket, the installation of the waterscape stone becomes easier. Stone supports meet the landscape planner's specifications and complement the size and shape of the stone used. The stand is made of high-quality PP polypropylene material, which has excellent waterproof, aging resistance and longer service life. It has a wide range of applications, including landscape fountains, shallow pools, water curtain walls, etc. The waterscape stone support greatly simplifies the installation of important pipelines such as water supply and lighting, and ensures the smooth progress of the construction and subsequent maintenance of the waterscape.
3. Easy installation of wooden floor and landscape anti-corrosion wood, keel support is the perfect solution. Cater to the installation of wooden floors and anti-corrosion wood of different shapes and thicknesses. This easy-to-use support structure is easy to install and remove, facilitating any future maintenance tasks. In addition, the keel support can facilitate the installation of construction pipelines under the floor and anti-corrosion wood, thus achieving a multi-functional landscaping design.
4. Booth support is an invaluable tool in setting up your booth, whether temporary or permanent. It is cost-effective, easy to install and can be used to create a variety of product display configurations. The support structure is just as useful indoors as it is outdoors, and putting it down is a breeze. In addition, booth brackets simplified the construction of the required temporary piping, ensuring a more efficient workflow and the resolution of practical problems on site.


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