Plastic Staples Used In Plywood Industry

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Compared with iron nails, special plastic nails are characterized by high strength, light weight, no water absorption, no rust, corrosion resistance, anti-static, dust explosion-proof, colorable, and easy to process (can be cut and polished without damaging tools) , Fireproof, explosion-proof, insulation, etc.It has irreplaceable properties of steel, iron and copper products

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unit weight 12.5kg
Custom processing Yes




Inside Diameter





model S-1310
sample or stock Spot Goods
standard part Standard Parts


1. The sanding of the wood board does not produce sparks, which eliminates all potential safety hazards in the production and processing site.
2. Special plastic nails, reliable quality, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.
3. When sawing, cutting and sanding, it can be processed in the same way as wood, saving time --- no need to remove nails, saving costs --- it has no effect on knives and saws.
4. No rust, no corrosion, no corrosion of wood, save time --- no need to spray paint to prevent rust, no electrolytic corrosion.
5. It is fixed like glue, the nails are firmly nailed to the wood, it is very strong, the connection is stable, no need to be replaced, the quality is better, and it is durable.
6. Can be painted into natural colors, such as red pine, cedar, brown, etc., can be used in microwave environment, there is no hidden spark, and metal detectors do not respond to plastic nails.
7. The flexibility and hardness of the nails have been specially designed to avoid a series of problems such as air drying, aging, chipping and environmental protection of the nails.


Mainly used in Lumber wrap
Lumber tagging
Boat Building
Composites Manufacturing
Radiant barrier installation
Casket lining etc.


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